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Charlie Wright Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist, Charlie Wright

My name is Charlie Wright, I have been making tattoos professionally for four years here in Denver. I was fortunate enough to learn my the trade from an experienced tatt wizard, Butch Mrsmy, who has been making tatt magic happen for the last 15 years. No matter the scale or complexity of the tattoo I am working on, I apply the lessons that were taught to me. It’s from those that came before me that I pull my inspiration as well as my drive to execute flawless tattoos. My upbringing in a walk-in street shop adds to my versatility, and I pride myself on being able to tackle whatever walks through the door that day, and am stoked to do so. My style leans more towards the American Traditional and Japanese Traditional Designs. It's hard to argue with the classics! All around, I just really enjoy tattooing. I take what I have learned to make any design into a strong, aesthetically pleasing tattoo.

Skateboarding and music have had a huge impact on my life and originally sparked my interest in visual arts. Much of my art has influence from board graphics, band logos, and poster art. I love that shit! I have been recreating these themes and designs since my youth. The freedom I find in the arts allows me to exist in a world of my choosing and the magic of that is something I am honored to share with my patrons. Whether you were referred to me by a client or you are just happening upon my page, I encourage you to take a minute and check out the Gallery of my tattoos. I hope you dig them and I hope to see you at Crimson Hilt for your next tattoo!